Hi, this is buckynatasha's unofficial masterpost for comics regarding Buckynat. Masterpost meaning it's not really a masterpost, I'm just putting a bunch of comics for you guys because I want to and I don't read every single comic out there so it might be incomplete. Also, there are more comics out there that feature them, but I figured these are the only ones you need to know about the two.
Captain America Vol. 5 #27: This is where Brubaker first introduced the relationship between Bucky and Natasha, and focuses more on their past.
Captain America Vol. 5 #36: Basically just knowing they were lovers in the past.
Captain America Vol. 5 #42: Yay, they’re a couple again!
Captain America & Bucky #624: This issue focuses on their relationship when Bucky was The Winter Soldier and how Natasha helped him. Also, if you would like to know more about Bucky’s past, here’s the entire series.
Captain America: Reborn + Who Will Wield The Shield: This is after Steve’s death, when Bucky becomes Captain America, but this series does feature Bucky and Natasha fighting together.
Fear Itself 7.1: Captain America: This issue is where Bucky returns to his former identity of The Winter Soldier where he works with Steve, Fury, and Natasha. *YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BEFORE READING WINTER SOLDIER*
Winter Soldier: Ah, the bane of my existence. This is when Bucky and Natasha work together. Basically, it’s just all Buckynat and tears and you need to read this.
Black Widow #8: Also, the bane of my existence. You should read the entire Black Widow series before reading this though, because this is the only issue that Bucky is featured in, plus the series is very good. Here, I will even create a download for said series.
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Movies/Franchises based on Marvel Comics

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Happy Birthday Tim Burton!

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Harry Osborn + Peter

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Dane DeHaan in Kill Your Darlings (2013)

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